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Magnetic Marker Sensor

Magnetic Marker
Magnetic Marker

Buried underground facilities in the basement of the pipe attached to the top.
Forming a magnetic layer in the detector tells you their location. This can track the location of the pipe acts as a sensor. Permanent magnet waterproof, moisture, to prevent damage from external pressure-molded Patented technology.

Type and specification | Magnetic Marker Sensor
Small General Medium Large
Type Appearance Size(mm) Magnet Size(㎜) Color Weight(g) Magnetic Density(mG) Case Meterial Magnetic Meterial
Small ∅20×23T ∅18×20 Yellow 89±20 900 or more ABS Moulding Ferrite
General ∅54×28T ∅50×20 Yellow, Orange 195±20 900 or more ABS Moulding Ferrite
Medium ∅73.5×35T ∅70×28 Yellow 515±20 900 or more ABS Moulding Ferrite
Large 159×109×30T 150×100×25 Orange 1,855±50 900 or more ABS Moulding Ferrite
  • By attaching magnetic marker sensors to underground storage lines (water supply, power communication, sewage, gas, heating facilities, automatic clean-net, etc.) of public corporation and local government entities for investigation of GIS projects and establishment of maintenance systems.

  • When creating an underground installation pipe network, it is also used to prevent large excavation accidents caused by an underground installation survey error and to reduce investigation and exploration costs during the GIS project.

  • Marker installation will prove its worth when it is built in accordance with the specification which resulted from years of EWOOTEC's study and experience.

Magnetic Marker Recommended depth
Classification depth EA
Small 30cm~50cm 1ea
General 0.00~1m 2ea
Medium 1m~1.5m 2ea
Special 1.5m~2.0m 1ea
2.0m~2.5m 2ea
2.5m~3.0m 3ea
3.0m~4.0m 4ea

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